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Channel Management

One diary updates them all: update your own website and the channels you choose to connect. Connect, LateRooms, and or Expedia to your freetobook diary and it will automatically update these channels – no more double bookings and no more double entry, saving you time and worry.

Once connected the freetobook channel manager automatically updates your chosen sales channels from your freetobook diary.

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How does it work?

The channel manager automatically updates your rates and availability across all your chosen channels (i.e., LateRooms, Expedia etc).

  1. There is no need to update lots of different systems. One diary will automatically update them all so you can never go over booked if you keep the freetobook diary up-to-date.
  2. When a booking is made on e.g. Agoda, LateRooms or it goes straight into your diary with all the customer details (phone, email, and prices all stored in your diary).
  3. When you enter a phone booking into your freetobook diary or close-out dates then LateRooms, Expedia,, Agoda etc. will know they cannot book. It's all linked!


It's the usual great value you expect from freetobook. Channel bookings are charged at £1 per booking (with a maximum charge of £49/month) + one off setup fee £49* per channel. All channel bookings will show clearly in your diary and on all your statements.

Commission payments are agreed and paid directly to, LateRooms and Expedia, we do not add anything to their commission charges, you will have a direct contract with them.

*UK Properties: VAT will be added to all prices.

Getting started

If you are interested in connecting to Expedia, LateRooms and/or just give us a phone or email us on

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Case Study

Carol McInnes (Ardgye House) Interview:

Already offering online booking with freetobook software, Carol decided to integrate with LateRooms via freetobook's channel manager.

“We’ve always been successful and we have a great reputation. We get a lot of bookings from the RAF at Lossiemouth and the Royal Engineers at Kinloss. We’re also very popular with German tourists visiting Scotland. But as with a lot of properties these days, it has become harder and harder for us to be ‘found,’” says Carol. “The main thing that attracted us to LateRooms was their huge advertising spend. We realised that we could piggyback on that to become much more visible to potential guests. The freetobook system’s channel manager allowed the integration to be done quickly and easily. It really couldn’t have been simpler.

Carol is well aware that some accommodation owners feel they’ll lose money on bookings by going down this route, but she doesn’t share that view.

“I don’t see a LateRooms booking as 15% lost in commission, I see it as 85% gained on a booking I wouldn’t otherwise have got,” she points out. “I’m also noticing that guests who book through LateRooms the first time are becoming repeat customers who book with us direct on subsequent occasions, now that they know we exist.”

And although Carol has only been offering LateRooms availability for a short time, she has already seen the benefits: “LateRooms bookings are up by a third since we integrated via freetobook. We’re much busier than we were before and we are starting to see a pick-up in direct bookings too. Pretty soon we’re looking to integrate with via freetobook as well.”

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