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What is TripConnect
Instant Booking?

TripConnect enables you to receive direct bookings on your TripAdvisor page through the freetobook booking engine. Make the most of your TripAdvisor page and generate direct bookings.

What do I need for TripConnect to work ?

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As a TripConnect premium partner you know you can rely on us. Most booking engines charge extra for a TripConnect connection, not us, its free with freetobook.

what is tripconnect

TripConnect works
in two ways... two videos.

tripconnect instant booking pay per booking

tripconnect cost per click

TripConnect now offers two different ways to get direct bookings. In both models your direct bookings come into your freetobook online account. The main difference is in how TripAdvisor charge for the service and also where the booking takes place.

Two different ways

TripConnect Instant Booking:

With instant booking your rates and availability will show on TripAdvisor. The customer can then complete the booking on the TripAdvisor website. You do not pay for clicks, instead you pay for each booking after the guest has stayed. Instant booking charges for completed stays at either 12% or 15% of the booking value.
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TripConnect Cost Per Click:

Your rates and availability will show on TripAdvisor with a link to make the booking "Official site". If you do not have availability then your prices will not show. Each time a customer finds you available and clicks to make a booking you will be charged for that click. You can setup this service in your TripAdvisor account where you will also find the click prices.
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TripConnect Instant Booking

You need to setup TripConnect instant booking in your TripAdvisor account. Once setup you get direct bookings from TripAdvisor. Bookings are completed on TripAdvisor pages and sent directly to your freetobook diary. All guest and booking information comes to you at the beginning, so you control the guest relationship right from the start.

If a guest wants to amend or cancel a booking they do it directly with you so you own the guest relationship. Instant booking is not an online travel agency – you own the booking.

Tripadvisor will only charge their commission once your guest has stayed.

This is what it looks like

TripConnect instant booking website
TripConnect instant booking mobile
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More than one property?


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What are the benefits for my Property?

maximise revenue

No Stay
No Pay

You will only pay TripAdvisor on bookings that turn into guest stays, and only after their stay.

increase exposure

Direct Booking

All guest and booking data is sent directly to you and added to your freetobook diary from the start. So you control the guest booking directly.

reduce costs


Freetobook's connection to TripConnect is free - helping you maximise direct bookings

boost bookings


TripConnect shows your rates on your property page, TripAdvisor App, area searches and mobile.

easy set up

Easy set-up
and Management

Simple to set-up in your TripAdvisor account, you control when to switch on/off

global sales

Sales Platform

The more places you are bookable the more bookings you will get...all feeding into your booking engine.

What does it cost ?

Tripconnect instant booking works on a pay-per-booking commission basis. There are two different levels of commission costs, the higher rate offers double the number of views. Paying the higher rate means you will get twice the exposure to potential bookers.


15% Commission
You will get half of all "Book on TripAdvisor" traveller views


12% Commission
You will get one quarter of all "Book on TripAdvisor" traveller views

You only pay for bookings after the guest has stayed

What do I need for TripConnect to work ?

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