Ideal for managing multiple properties

You might have more than one hotel, or perhaps a group of cottages. Maybe you have a B&B and a cottage? Freetobook can show your customers availability in multiple properties at the same time!

Increase bookings

Cut out commission

Save time and improve service

In a nutshell

Managing multiple properties shouldn't be complicated. With one search you can show your customer all your availability, maximising your revenue and occupancy. You can login to all properties with one login or have one for each, giving you full control and visibility.

What are you losing?

Customers visiting your website will expect to find live rates and availability. If one of your properties is sold out and another available, you can make it easy for them to book the available one.

If you have advertised to attract customers to your website, you want to be sure to make a good return on your investment. With all your properties showing availability, you can stop losing out when one of your properties is sold but another is available.

If you already have online booking, you don't want to lose money by paying commission on bookings from your own website.

Robert at McQuade Hotels

"Our online bookings have shot up since we started using freetobook on our website, and not having to pay commission is a bit of a bonus. I would recommend them to anyone looking to sell more rooms online."

Susan at Cluny View

From the guest point of view, booking online via freetobook is clear and simple to use – we have had a steady increase in the number of online bookings we have received since joining freetobook and are now using the system on our self catering properties as well.

The right tools for the job

The freetobook booking engine has a unique feature allowing you show the availability of all your properties with just one search. So if the customer finds their first choice is not available they will be able to see and book your other properties that are available. Even if all your properties are available, by giving the customer a choice you are significantly increasing the chances of getting the booking through your own website.

Don't forget that you are also not losing any money on commission payments, as all freetobook bookings through your own website are commission free.

By choosing freetobook you will:

enjoy more bookings from your website and the best possible return from your website and advertising.

be free to test it for your property to make sure it's right for you, there's no sign-up fee or tie-in.
join the growing band of freetobook users who are saving money and time whilst simplifying their lives.

have more happy customers who find it easy to make bookings and you'll improve your email and phone conversions.

retain and increase the personal touch by emailing phone bookings, and offering a professional online experience as well.
save time by managing rooms, phone bookings, special offers and close out dates from your freetobook diary. See how it works for more details.

customise and add the freetobook booking button on to your website in minutes.
At freetobook we having been building and managing online booking engines for years. We understand that running a group of properties is a full-time job and you need the right tools.

Freetobook is the ideal online booking system for:
Bed & Breakfasts - Guesthouses - Hotels - Cottages - Self-Catering - Hostels - Hotel Groups

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